IB Physics MeV in Relativity Option

A tutorial sheet of IB questions on units is given below.

  1. An electron has a momentum of 4.0 MeVc-1. What is the energy of the electron?
  2. A particle has a rest energy of 2.0 MeV. The momentum of the particle is 3.0 MeVc-1. What is the total energy of the particle?
  3. A particle has a mass of 2.0 MeVc-2. What is its momentum if its speed is 0.90c?
  4. A particle of mass 0.8MeVc-2 is accelerated from rest through a potential difference of 2.0 GeV. What are the final energy and momentum of the particle in the laboratory reference frame?
  5. A proton has a speed of 0.995c relative to the laboratory. What is the energy of this particle in the rest reference frame and the laboratory reference frame?