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Expert HSC and IB Physics and Mathematics tutoring on Sydney’s North Shore

Welcome to Sydney Physics and Mathematics Tutor, my name is Stephen McAndrew. I have taught Physics and Mathematics in independent schools in Sydney and the UK for 39 years. I offer expert individual tutoring to allow students to fulfil their academic promise. I focus on the individual student and prepare structured work to address their particular deficiencies in knowledge and skills and develop these into strengths. I use traditional methods of teaching where students write their answers in examination style format and are tested regularly to build their confidence and so develop a love of learning in Physics and Mathematics. My aim is to open up new horizons in learning and academic success.


Expert Individual Tutoring

Expert individual tutoring in Physics and Mathematics is available at my home in
North Ryde, in Sydney's Northern Suburbs.
Alternative arrangements are possible.

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Physics and Mathematics

What are the concepts in Physics and Mathematics that students find difficult? We will look at HSC, IB and University Physics and Mathematics topics from a student's perspective. Emphasis will be on the areas of Relativity, Electromagnetism, Quantum Physics, Mechanics and Calculus.

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Individual tuition is available Monday to Wednesday between 4:30pm and 7:00pm and Saturday and Sunday between 9:00am and 4:00pm.

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